1. How do I become a registered member of SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS?

Answer : Becoming a registered member of Sri Sai Tours and Travels is easy and free of cost. To register, please Click on the Register with Us link under the Customer Support section on the website.

2. What are the Advantages if i become a Registered Customer?

Answer : You get good discounts on bulk and regular bookings. And also you will be added to the free GOA plan that comes as a package trip which is completely free of cost for a couple and worth 29999/-

3. How do i book tickets when i am out of station?

Answer : You can call the support numbers of SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS and the support team will help you to book the tickets offline. Else, You can always book from

4. How to cancel the tickets?

Answer : You can visit cancel section of the website and provide your details to cancel the ticket.

5. How do I get a refund for tickets that I have directly cancelled with Operators?

Answer : If you have cancelled the booking directly with the Operator, you would need to inform SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS or send an SMS or email and confirm with SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS.

6. I had booked an Air Conditioned bus but the bus operator made me travel in a Non Air Conditioned bus. Can I get a refund?

Answer: In such cases where the class or type of bus ticket booked differs from what you actually travelled on, refund will be based on the difference in fare between the higher and lower bus type. Kindly note, the refund will be granted by the bus operator and SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS will not be responsible in any way.

7. Can I book a return trip bus ticket?

Answer : Yes, you can book a return trip bus ticket but you will need to make separate bookings for each bus sector. For example, to book a Mumbai-Goa-Mumbaibus ticket, you will need to make two bookings. One for Mumbai-Goa and the second for Goa-Mumbai.

8. What type of buses can I book a ticket for?

Answer: You can book a ticket for Volvo, Air Conditioned, Non Air Conditioned, Deluxe, Semi Deluxe, Sleeper, Semi Sleeper, Seater cum Sleeper and many other bus types.

9. What are Volvo, Sleeper, Semi Sleeper and other buses?

Answer: Volvo Buses: The air conditioned Volvo buses are the most popular mode of public transport amongst the metropolitan travellers. The super luxury AC Volvo buses by Swedish auto company Volvo offer spacious reclining seats with adequate leg room to stretch out besides additional comforts like window curtains and matted screens to block out light. Features such as overhead reading lamps, powerful air conditioning with individual controls and superior air suspension make the AC Volvo buses ideal for long journeys where comfort is of utmost importance. Most new AC Volvo buses also offer entertainment options like dual LCD screens for better viewing besides central audio system for music. AC Buses: Air conditioned buses provide a comfortable journey allowing you to enjoy a pleasant bus ride to your preferred destination, unaffected by weather conditions outside the AC bus. For a comfortable travel experience, AC buses are fitted with upholstered seats that can be reclined. Windows have curtains to block out the sun while some AC buses also play music or movies for entertainment of passengers. Sleeper Buses: An innovative concept introduced a few years ago, sleeper buses are today the most preferred bus type for long distance road travel. Operating mostly as overnight buses on road routes across states, interstate sleeper bus services connect major cities across various regions. Sleeper buses are specially designed for a comfortable bus travel experience and like trains have berths instead of seats. Each passenger is assigned a berth to sleep on during the journey. Most sleeper buses feature bunk beds with two or three berths each and feature window curtains as well. Seater cum Sleeper Buses: The latest combination has resulted in the introduction of seater cum sleeper buses that offer you the choice of seats and berths within the same bus. A typical seater cum sleeper bus has two rows of seats that regular buses feature and in addition it also features a row of berths above the seats on each side of the aisle. Since the fare for a seat is less than that of a berth in a seater cum sleeper bus, depending on your budget and duration of travel, you can now opt for either a seat or a sleeper berth on seater cum sleeper buses. Apart from these, there are many other bus types available for booking online at SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS. We suggest that you try searching and see the variousbus types on offer.

10. If I miss my bus, am I eligible for a refund?

Answer: No refund will be processed if you miss your bus.

11. Can I pay for someone else's bus ticket?

Answer: Yes, you can pay for someone else's bus ticket. It is not necessary that the person paying for the bus ticket needs to be the passenger.

12. I have purchased 6 bus tickets but would like to cancel 2 bus tickets. Can I do that?

Answer: No, partial cancellation of bus tickets under one booking is not allowed. You will need to cancel all the bus tickets under your booking and make a new booking for the bus tickets you require.

13. What is the cancellation policy for your booking?

Answer: For cancellation made within 24 hours of pickup time or no show, full booking cost will be charged. In other cases, no cancellation fee will be charged for bookings made online. For bookings made offline as mentioned in confirmation e-mail and vouchers.

14. Can someone else travel on my bus ticket?

Answer: No, someone else cannot travel on your bus ticket. You will need to present a photographic identity proof (passport, driver's license, etc.) along with the buse-ticket to the bus conductor when boarding the bus. The name of the person on the bus ticket MUST BE the same as that on the photographic identity proof presented.

15. Can I modify my bus ticket booking?

Answer: To make changes to your bus ticket booking which involves change of passengers, partial cancellations, change in journey date, change in bustype, and change in timings, you will need to cancel your original ticket and make a new bus ticket booking. Changes which involve change in boarding point may be done in certain cases. Same is at the discretion of the bus operator and is not guaranteed. For all such changes, please call the bus operator directly at the phone number given on your e-ticket.

16. Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer: Yes. A cancellation fee will be levied on every bus ticket cancelled. The cancellation fee varies based on bus operator as well as the time before departure that a ticket is cancelled. The cancellation policy applicable on your booking is printed on your e-ticket. Please refer to your e-ticket for the same. As a general guide, the cancellation penalty usually applicable for most bookings is: - Cancellation more than 24 hours before travel - 25% of the fare - Cancellation within 12 to 24 hours before travel - No refund in some cases, for others 75% of the fare - Cancellation within 12 hours before travel - No refund There are certain exceptions to this policy. Some bus operators do not allow cancellations and hence no refund is possible in such cases. Some busoperators charge higher cancellation penalties while some allow cancellation up to 4 hours before departure. The exact cancellation charges and restrictions as applicable to your booking will be printed on your e-ticket. Please refer to the same.

17. Why does my booking fail?

Answer: Answer: There could be multiple reasons as to why a booking may fail. If you take too long to make your payment, the seats you selected may no longer be available. In such cases it is advisable to select some other seats and try again. Some bus operators do not allow male passengers to book seats alongside female passengers. It would be advisable to choose a seat which has the accompanying seat vacant in case you face repeated failures. Somebus operators are very particular about the first and last name of the passengers and to restrict duplicate bookings, do not allow multiple bookings for passengers with the same name in a single bus. In case you face repeated failures, try changing the name by using an abbreviation for the last name (for example, use Arvind M instead of Arvind Mahajan). There might also be momentary communication issues at the bus operator end. None the less, such issues are rare and making a new booking should help in most cases.

18. What are the other cases when I am eligible for a refund?

Answer: You are eligible for a refund in cases where the bus tour operator cancels thebus. Kindly note, the refund will be granted by the bus operator and SRI SAI TOURS AND TRAVELS will not be responsible in any way.

19. After submitting my details and making the payment, the screen says that my booking failed. What do I do?

Answer: You need not do anything. In case your booking fails, we will automaticallyrefund the full amount back to your credit card/debit card/cash card/net banking account. The same will reflect in your card/bank statement within 7 working days. You can safely go ahead and make a fresh booking.

20. Can I avail of senior citizen (60 yrs+) discount?

Answer: No. You would need to choose the passengers appropriately while booking the tickets. Choose amongst Adults, Children (05-11 yrs), Sr. Citizen (Male) (60+yrs) and Sr. Citizen (Female) (60+yrs).

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